Sougo Okita (Shinsengumi Uniform) - Gintama





I wasn't into most Shounen Jump series due to the long-ass arcs that takes forever to finish (no thanks to Bleach, Dragon Ball and Naruto)and people powering themselves up so much, I got tired of watching the two guys fight and just shouted 'GET ON WITH THE STORY! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN NEXT APART FROM FIGHTING ON AND ON!', sort of like that.

And then Gintama came along and it was the only long-running Shounen Jump anime that I actually enjoyed and don't mind watching the story arcs [sometimes 5 -6, others 2 - 3], due to the well-written and easily digestible scripts, as well as the sheer amounts of hilarious moments from every character (well, except for a few serious ones).

And since I want to take a break from cosplaying as white-haired people (meaning no Gintoki), I'm going to cosplay as everyone's favourite Shinsengumi sadist, Okita. XD Seriously, I think playng as a complete troll to nearly everyone is a lot more fun than playing as something more serious.


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