Senrei - +Anima




For the May London Expo (2008), I did a cosplay of Cooro from +Anima, which seemed to get a fair bit of approval from fans of the series.

Well, the costume itself was easy enough. After the pain of hand-stitching Cooros top for last years expo, I was able to get hold of a machine but put together this costume. (I had help from a teacher I work with who sews, to make sure I did it right)
For the overcoat... thing (Poncho?) I added some poppers on to attach it to the top, in order to help keep it in place.

I found that the eye-patch was actually a little more difficult at first, as I has hand-stitched it together at first to hold it together, as I needed to turn the whole thing inside-out (It was really tight!) but after a run though the sewing machine, it was pretty much ready!

The wig has been made and styled by Gender Confused Cloud (Thankyou!) and as I am still wary of fur-material, the arm is being made by Arkayen. But this will be good to go for the May Expo!


Amy-Lou posted on 30 September, 2008 - 11:04
Great choice of character! More +Anima <3 please.

Progress Journal

15th May 2009

Almost finished!

This costume is almost ready!

Ive got the main costume ready and waiting. The wig I had made has arrived and I have someone making the fur-arm and claws which I will be given before the expo itself.

All thats left now is the eye-patch itself. But that will be way easy!

Pictures up soon!

5th October 2008

Planning Stages

Well, looking at the costume, most of it seems pretty easy to pull off. Most of the costume itself can probably be store bought and the wig itself shouldnt be too bad either. (Simple style and colour, and beads are easy to get too)

As I said in the information section, the most difficult part of the costume is going to be the bear-arm itself. As a beginner costume maker, I can see a fur-arm being a challenge...

The only other thing I can think of is the sword and its seath, guess it will be a matter of time and patience.