Lyner Barsett (Knight of Elemia) - Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

In Progress

Kitacon IV (2012)




This is is, the big one; the first of the AT costumes! I've always loved Lyner; to me he represents growing up from being rash and hotheaded into perceptive and open-minded, but retaining his sense of fun and duty. Not to mention he's a ladies' man!

The costume is very complicated, and will probably be very uncomfortable, but to represent Lyner and the series, I'm more than willing to do it. It's part of what good cosplay's about: pain and discomfort, but tons of pride! Heheh

I have Melissa (SlimDefinition) to thank for this costume being made in every way. She made the armour and instructed me on how to get the components for the other stuff. There's still a long way to go, but we'll get there, and he'll be fantastic!

He was supposed to be unveiled at October Expo 2011, however we had to scrap that due to the sheer amount of work left to do, so if all goes according to plan he will be unveiled at Kitacon in April 2012. Can't wait!!


SlimDefinition posted on 22 October, 2011 - 19:01
So much work still to do on this, but it will be AWESOME when it's finished! We'll both make sure of that. ;-)

KiraraYumi posted on 22 October, 2011 - 19:17
Oh wow, LYNER! <3 I am so glad to see some more Ar Tonelico cosplay! Good luck, you will look excellent!

theisaak89 posted on 23 October, 2011 - 22:16
Thank you! And Mel, with your help, yes it will! I can't wait to wear this proudly!

Solaria posted on 24 October, 2011 - 11:40
Ah this is my favourite AT if you dont have an Aurica I can aim to get her done for Kita with you :D This progress is really amazing x3

SlimDefinition posted on 24 October, 2011 - 15:05
Ahh it makes me feel so important. ^_^' I guess I AM your official "smith" though, right? We need to see what time we can make for him after expo, but most likely after Christmas now right? I know the winter is always a tough time for you with looking after Robbie.