Ryu (Standard) - Breath of Fire IV




I decided to do this costume for a friend's upcoming Breath of Fire IV group at October Expo. I had done Fou-Lu from the same game previously, and cosplaying Ryu will be pleasantly different; he's more happy-go-lucky, more chillled and the like. I was/am being helped immensely in this costume by my friend Melissa Joy (SlimDefinition), who did the fabric components, as well as helping me scout out most of the components also.

The components of the costume were assembled from various places, mainly Ebay, though. The top was a women's t-shirt with the square-neck sewn over and the sleeves cut to give it that rugged look I used to associate with Fred Flintstone..heh. The trousers are Thai Fisherman's Pants (very comfortable to wear!) The shoes are pumps that will be painted purple, and the sword is a wooden Bokken used for martial arts, that will be painted and a tassel attached to the end of the handle. The arm warmers and weird "stirrup socks" are still being made. We also made a little pouch to attach to the sash that will serve as the "belt".

Very much looking forward to wearing this one! Always been a big fan of Breath of Fire IV, and while I never thought I'd cosplay Ryu, there's something about his personality that I'm gonna enjoy trying to replicate!


SlimDefinition posted on 22 October, 2011 - 19:50
You'll be awesome as Ryu. ;-) Let's make this group memorable in any way we can!

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