Luna Lovegood (School uniform) - Harry Potter



Ammy posted on 24 October, 2011 - 00:20
Awesome!! ^_^

rosieroo posted on 24 October, 2011 - 11:13
OH MY GOSH YES let me know when your gonna do this coz the cosplays been on my to do list for goodness knows how long ... it would be sooooo epic to go to expo or something as lunas together lol ..... eeeeeep i love this character

Casper posted on 27 July, 2014 - 20:52
Love Luna, will be great to see when done ^^

Ravenclaw Tie
Ravenclaw scarf -got for christmas-
Spectra Specs
Gray school jumper

Total cost: £0.00

27th May 2012

Just need the Spectra Specs ~

Just need the Spectra Specs for this cosplay, then im done! <3 Saving up atm, there around £15 on amazon~

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