Kirakishou - Rozen Maiden Traumend

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I must be insane putting up this cosplay - this has been something that I've been considering for a long while - The one thing putting me off very much may sound a little stupid but that one eye patch would be awful to wear as it restricts vision and could make me feel unbalanced (I once tried putting an eye patch over an eye for a few seconds and I not only started to get a little dizzy but my lashes started to stab my eye DX
However, I really do like her design even though she never appeared in the anime (doesn't include the 10 seconds she was there ¬¬) so I was very disappointed... And in doing this, I don't really know too much about her character but thats's what the manga's for =b
The only 2 things I would change a bit about this cosplay is first the 'mushroom' dress bottom which I don't agree with and would look terrible on me DX and I would wear a white wig not a peachy colour one as I think the white would go better with the dress :)
Apart from that, it's a beauty :) I don't think I'll touch this for a very long while - like 2 or 3 years if I'm still interested with her...


rosieroo posted on 22 October, 2011 - 13:55
awwww this is gonna be adorable

Progress Journal

15th May 2013

Wig wefting

I honestly had a bit if nightmare with the wig - I coulda opted for either a white wig to go with the cosplay or contrast with a blended orange pink wig. I chose a pink one but the one that arrived was far too 'Sheryl Nome'... so thats when I decided to buy two cheap white wigs and have a go at wefting them together to get all that wonderful volume needed for Kirakishou.

Haven't styled it but pretty proud of it so far :) Sure this method over worked my fingers, gave me back and butt aches but yay! Volume!!