Flygon (Gijinka) - Pokémon Gijinka




Flygon gijinka costume ^O..O^

Costume consists of the following major parts:

Goggles (hooray bug eyes)
Under clothes
Pointed skirt

Wanted to make something that looked cool but wouldn't take very long. Have really overspent, but got a lot of items last minute & it would have been a lot cheaper if I'd had time to shop around, or been able to go for longer but cheaper postage options! (Cost includes postage to remind me of the benefits of planning ahead)

There are a few things I wanted to do but ultimately didn't have time for, the biggest one was finding some way of physically representing flygon's attacks, maybe I'll do a gijinka costume next year & include this sort of thing =)

I hope I'll be happy with the finished product ^_^


Fliss posted on 24 October, 2011 - 13:44
This is a cool idea :D

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Progress Journal

3rd November 2011

Photos & posing

Finally managed to track down some photos of my costume =) after losing the business card of the guy who took them *;.;*

I am however appalled at my lack of ability to pose, I'm naturally awkward & completely lacking in spatial awareness & it really shows =( kinda lets the costume down

But practise makes perfect, going to put pics up now a) to show off the costume (of course ^_^) & b) so I can look back in future & hopefully see how my posing has improved!

28th October 2011

Can't wait for tomorrow

So nearly done now! Expo is tomorrow ^_^

Barely had any time to work on my costume this week, so in a rush to finish it tonight =) had some help from my friends, so also made them some outfits so they could go to a fancy dress party tonight, think they're very happy with them which is nice x)

Tail is drying in the kitchen, need to sew the trim onto the wings (but refusing to take them off, so not sure when this'll get done =p) & haven't even started the points on my lots to do but things are getting there =)

Think I'll have to put the pictures up after tomorrow