Amy - Soul Calibur IV

Status :Complete
Worn At :None


Amy - Photo courtesy of Lunarkitten

Small group shot

Om nom nom - courtsety of Bento Dan

Amy and Momoi!





GunstarVixen posted on 10 March, 2009 - 14:41
pls pls pls say you are doing this for the soul calibur group for aya?!!

Anonymous posted on 10 March, 2009 - 21:24
Yow so cute!!! :D This will look wicked cool on you!

Sephirayne posted on 9 June, 2009 - 18:15
So cute and spot on. Its going to look great

Anime_Angel posted on 9 June, 2009 - 18:41
how did you make ther ringlet curls on the wig? I had so much difficulty lol

Taffeta_Rose posted on 10 June, 2009 - 07:54
Lots of hairgrips and hairspray. One stayed in, one fell out pretty much straight away, so I need to look into something more hardcore.

sonia_leong posted on 20 August, 2009 - 19:37
Just wanted to say hi ♥ Your Amy was so cute! *huggles* It was great to chat to you at AyaCon ^^

Defrain posted on 21 August, 2009 - 08:30
loved the amy cosplay was a great job

CrystalNeko posted on 22 August, 2009 - 00:02
I love your wig so much! You look fantastic~

Lunar_Kitten posted on 23 August, 2009 - 22:02
Yay, I recognise that photo! Glad you like it =^_^= Bloomers!

Anonymous posted on 23 August, 2009 - 22:20
That wig is gorgeous! How could you doubt it!? x

Minxie posted on 23 August, 2009 - 23:36