Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII version ) - Final Fantasy VIII





A blue duster with wings on the back with matching arm warmers, a blue skirt with a button up front I think (I can never tell) and then a pair of black style 'cycle' shorts with zips on the front and a black strap top.


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Progress Journal

6th June 2013


So the wig arrived on Tuesday which I was so happy about as I felt it was never going to arrive but it did. The cosplay its self arrived yesterday but lets say I wasn't pleased with the fit of it, the skirt and the shorts are the issue they were both far to small but it wasn't a huge deal as I was going to at the start make that part myself so I cut up an old pair of jeans and turned it into a skirt. And then bought cropped leggings cropped them more and then added zips to the front. I just got it finished today

4th June 2013

Shipped and waiting

I'm sick of waiting on her wig arriving it was shipped 3 weeks ago and nothing yet when I've ordered before from the seller and its never taking this long I'm starting to worry about it getting lost in the post. Where I live I don't trust it at all, its been often left one its own and I'm just worried its gotten lost, I'm just hoping and praying it will arrive this week and then I can add the streaks. I'm still waiting on the cosplay too however the tracking information provided well isn't working all I get is Error 404 I believe so I now don't have a clue where it is as the website isn't working. Again I hope it will arrive before next Sat.