Amy Pond (The curse of the Black Spot) - Doctor Who

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well ive got the skirt from other cosplays and the shirt and boots and the cardigan ( might get a better one)all i need is the tights then im done :D as amy has two red checked shirts in series 6 im still hunting for the other one :/ i dont think im gonna do pirate amy as i cant seem to find the coat anywhere or a hat ive tried all fancy dress shops but still couldnt find owt. i decided to do this outfit as i already have everything YAY!


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PhotoShoot (Posted 22nd October 2011)

well ive got the tights so i have planned the photo shoot for the outfit :D

YAY! (Posted 16th October 2011)

Tights are on the way! im going to meadowhall on saturday to get them :)