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For mogwai_k's Arcana Hearts group which will most likely to happen at May's Expo 2012. For more details, please see the forum topic ~

From the moment when I heard Arcana Hearts will get a UK release, I instantly knew there would be someone I will want to cosplay from the game. I'm pretty much of a sucker for female beat them ups! I thought I will wait until the game is officially released in August 12 and play it before deciding which character I would cosplay.

Lieselotte is one of th characters which attracts me! a poofy black lolita skirt, how can I refuse? The only problem is the props as I have not got a clue where to find a massive briefcase and a doll, but I enjoy a challenge and hope to get round this!

Somehow she reminds me of Rachel from BlazBlue, both have platform boots, big poofy skirt, black umberella, black shawl, a lolita style dress consisting of black, red & white colours and one of the shortest characters in the game.


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