Black Widow (Black catsuit) - Ultimate Avengers: Animated movie

In Progress


I'll be doing this for Aks_100's 25th birthday bash. I've had black widow up on my FB for quite some time now, and now I have an 'event' to plan her for, I will put her up on here!

As her birthday is in February I figured this costume will be better than Enchantress or Sif, as it will be warmer to wear but still easy to wear for a whole night.

Also, Aks-100 has a perfect wig for Black Widow that I am taking off her hands next week, all I'll have to do is maybe trim down and get a swoop in the bangs.

UPDATE: Not for Aks100's birthday as I cant make it.. but instead of doing it for London Super Comic Con!! OMG I GET TO MET STAN LEE!!!!

UPDATE: Cant afford to go to london super comic con and spend nearly £200 just so i can meet stan lee, so I might get this done for one of the disney world halloween parties, that I dont wear Ariel maybe... just giving myself ideas at the moment. I'm determined to get through this long planned list! LOL

UPDATE 26/03/2012: I'm having this as an option for LFCC to go with mom's Wasp costume. I wanted to do Sif but I'm thinking I'll go with Black Widow as its quicker to get together and easier to finish up.

UPDATE 18/04/2012: Moving to 'In Progress' to make sure I actually keep this in mind for LFCC in July, dont know why I didnt move it to that section earlier LOL! Also, not only the wig but I also have the boots as I own a pair pretty much exactly like hers

UPDATE: Having to scrap because of the cost and I'm really low on money at the moment... also I thought if I do this I cant get shoes for my new Ariel lol Cant go without shoes

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cat suit
wig from aks_100
guns and thigh holsters
white tank top

Total cost: £0.00

6th June 2012


omg.. I love this wig BUT it just refuses to style! I'm trying to get the little swoop in her bangs so it doesn't look flat and quite frankly.. ridiculous on me but no matter what method I tried yesterday it wouldn't have it... when it sort of remotely did it, I put it on and it made me look more like Jessica Rabbit than Black Widow.... So yeah... gonna have to think up a strategy to make the wig work on the day me thinks.

31st May 2012

Accessories and suit

I'll be getting most of the accessories off ebay (thigh holsters, and gloves) due to time restraints and lack of funds to make this cosplay. Its a rare time I'll be buying bits and putting a cosplay together. So be kind to me at LFCC and in general lol. The catsuit I'll be buying from my local fancy dress shop Partica for £34.99. The white top I can get from Primark for £2.50. So yeah... this wont be fantastic probably but it will do lol. Its more for fun anyway at LFCC, as my real amazing cosplay will be my Ariel one that Tab is making for me. Slowly getting a group together for this too. Concentina26- Miss Peppa Potts my mom- Wasp (earth's mightiest heroes version) Possibly some S.H.I.E.L.D agents IF anyone is interested in joining us I'll set up a photoshoot and stuff for us lol.

23rd October 2011


I got the wig from aks_100 yesterday and took it out the bag today to try on. Its amazing quality after I brushed out some knots and love it! I know in the ultimate avengers, her hair is short but the wig has some lovely flicks on the bottom (its longish) that if I cut it down to the right length, I'll lose all the styled bottom. So I'm going to keep the wig long as Black Widow has her hair long in nearly everything else.

15th October 2011

easiest cosplay ever

Okay, so as its mainly for aks_100's birthday and my skills are like..... well yeah. lol I'm gonna buy a black catsuit for this costume. I already own a pair of combat knee high boots that are IDENTICAL to her boots in this movie, so I'll use them. Then I'll just have to buy a white strap top to go underneath, a pair of fingerless pleather gloves and some toy uzi guns/pistols and paint black. Wig I'm taking off of Aks_100's hands and will give her some money for it next week. BINGO- COMPLETE... once everything is done haha. Easiest cosplay.....EVER!

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