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These were such cosy costumes, but the binding was a killer!

My Hikaru and I aren't related, but every so often little old ladies in our home village will assume we are. Perhaps that had something to do with this...

Everything bar the tights and shirts were handmade from scratch. (They came from the Asda website). I did the boots, belts, pouches, scarves, gloves and ears, and my Hikaru did the tabards and the tails.

The tabards were made the long, tricky way, from thick polar fleece. Each stripe is a seperate part of the overall structure - it's not appliqué. The tails were made in the same way, with extremely strong wire pushed through them, and stuffed. The wire didn't want to stay neat, so to help my Hikaru I put some failed attempts at the ears on the ends, and now it looks okay.

The parts I did? Okay, so the belts are held together with little hook and eyelet clasps, and the handmade pouches are secured with poppers. The ears have a little wire, and they're stuffed with the fabric they're made with. They're fastened to the wigs with large saftey pins.

The scarves aren't quite right - not big enough. I made them out of a pillowcase from a charity shop, in a desperate attempt to keep costs down. They do the job, I guess.

The gloves were horrible to make! I didn't realise how much the fabric would pinch in each toe - you've really got to be careful to cut little notches from the inside to let the tension out. It was a little difficult making the gloves without my Hikaru around, while I was away at university. The toes are slightly stuffed, to keep them round and plush. I can't believe the character designs only give them four toes! We hardly wore the damn things. The pads are made from Funky Foam, and held on with liquid glue.

The ears weren't bad, but they had a tendency to spring open, so they weren't as cute as I'd hoped. A few stitches at the bottom securing front to back would have probably been the neatest way to deal with that, I now realise.

The boots went really well, I think. Rather than make shoes, which is a nightmare, I made us each a pair of legwarmers, held up with elastic concealed under the top fold. I took some light shoes of mine, and borrowed a pair of Hikaru's shoes (since I couldn't borrow her) and made little covers right over them, secured with a sturdy horizontal and a vertical piece of elastic beneath the sole. They're saftey-pinned to the legwarmers so the gap never shows. This way we're not afraid to wear them out and about, because we can just throw them in the wash!

The wigs were our second attempt. We bought a pair of western wigs first, and they were dreadful! They were probably meant to be Ron Weasly wigs, and they were impossible to style.

The tails were quite difficult to wear. The wire we were using to anchor them often pressed out. If we'd known, I think we would have brought bandages, or possibly made the wire into some kind of belt to be worn beneath the tabard. It's not terrible, but it's dissapointing.

We had to look like twins, of course, which was a constant concern. We're the same height, but my Hikaru has a slightly sturdier build, whereas I have an hourglass frame to conceal. Her skin is darker and our eye colours are different. Well, contacts are a nuisance, so we're very easily told apart by our eyes here, but at least they're close! Makeup made our skin tones a little closer, and hid my freckles. I bound myself very tightly for this one - on the day, Hikaru found she couldn't cope; being somewhat prone to claustraphobia, she couldn't bear the unrelenting pressure on her chest. She elected to go unbound. I was okay for a few hours, so long as I didn't run anywhere.

Each part of the costume is slightly different for each twin. Hikaru's costume is slightly more generous all round, to try and hide the fact that she's more muscular than me, with broader shoulders. We thought if the costumes looked identical, but we filled them to the same extent, then we might just pull it off.

What do you think?


SamanthaKaiba posted on 15 October, 2011 - 02:39
These look them

Pippin4242 posted on 15 October, 2011 - 02:52
Thank you so much! I'll be sure to tell my Hikaru - she still regrets the costume choice, I think. NOT HELPED by the world's most awkward Ash cosplayer saying that she was the fat one (which isn't even true, dammit.)

SamanthaKaiba posted on 15 October, 2011 - 04:49
you both look amazing, I hate it when people say that about people. It's not true at all and you both did a great job...loved this episode too...

j_mercuryuk posted on 15 October, 2011 - 05:12
It's suck a dickish thing to do when people say that about people, and very immature. Anyway, these costumes look really cool, you both look great

Pippin4242 posted on 15 October, 2011 - 20:45
Ah, the silly thing is that Grabby Ash obviously didn't mean to offend anyone. She was just socially very difficult. I mean, you COULD tell us apart, because my Hikaru DOES have a sturdier build than me (which definitely makes me the fat one, since we weigh about the same). I guess you'd assume that the Hikaru would be the confident extroverted one, who'd take that kind of comment lightly, too - but actually, we'd sort of swapped roles for this - more fun that way. (Out of costume, my Hikaru's the introvert/evil, and I'm the extrovert/do-gooder. :P)