Ghoulia (various ) - Monster High





i hope (if they will have me) to go with Lumisences and Siscel :D

although she wasn't my first choice, the more i thought about it the cooler and more fun I thought it would be. plus i seriously want to do the fright song routine as her.. just because i can.... (yes i know!)

i'll start with the standard variant anyhow as I have a few bits for her already, but i would like to do other variants especially dead fast ;)

DEAD FAST - Sooo close
SKULTIMATE - in progress (totally just want a Brain helmet!!!!, will make a cover for my skate helmet ACE!!)

2011 - Finished Standard
Midlands Feb 2012 - Sorry I forgot to take this off the page but i am unable to attend this expo.
02 March 2013 - Sleep Over (DeadTired)
2014 - LFCC. MCM October.
2016 - Oxford CC (deadfast)


Luminescence posted on 15 October, 2011 - 21:07
Oh my god yes Ruth YOU ABSOLUTELY MAY. *GRIN* I plan to do more than one variant of Frankie so I will be roping you in repeatedly! I also may have a Cleo or Lagoona for our group as well (Cat's sister, Alex, said she might do it) so yaaaaay more people! The only thing I am worried about is Frankie's wig... D: Never done any serious wig work before, but I'm sure I could find someone/something who knows what to do :)

FlyingMammal posted on 15 October, 2011 - 21:54
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! I'm EXTREMELY Excited!!!! WOW WOW WOWs!! I may need your and your gangs help with some things too I think. Especially my wig, as it's different shades - EEK. That will be a challenge.. mailing u instead ;)

TheStarlightFairy posted on 16 October, 2011 - 15:47
Aaaaaah yay! Can't wait for this! DO ALL OF THE VARIANTS hurr hurr hurr *should probably make some form of start on Draculara*

FlyingMammal posted on 16 October, 2011 - 16:17
YES YES YE SYES you must :D hehehe. startttt nooowwwww right now... start it :D hehehe sorry, I'm mega excited. Ohhhhhhh I intend to do all variants :D We need to have a Dead Tired sleep over ;)

Luminescence posted on 19 October, 2011 - 22:00
Ruthie those glasses are FABULOUS.

FlyingMammal posted on 19 October, 2011 - 22:05
frankie you, I want to move the gems and cover the gems i don't want.. bit more editing to do. did u see the before photo too?

Mungojerrie posted on 31 October, 2011 - 10:27
I am excited to see photos of your boots! :D

Luminescence posted on 12 November, 2011 - 19:45
Omggggg you look amazing so far. I hope I look as good as you when I do Frankie <3

FlyingMammal posted on 12 November, 2011 - 20:44
damn you internet I just replied and it did't post :( and now I have to try and rememebr what I tpyed.. but I can't remember so I am just going to say. You really think it looks ok? YAYs, thankies, I'm glad you like it. As long as you say it looks okays then I'm good. I'm a bit nervous about it all though. I can't wait for your Frankie - hurrrrrry XD - can't wait!!! Obviously you know this <3<3

FuriePhoenix posted on 1 December, 2011 - 20:33
eee loving the progress!

Alyx posted on 13 December, 2011 - 13:44
Loving the progress on this, you're going to look fantastic! I love monster high! XD Can't wait to see it all finished! <3

Captain_Marvelous posted on 14 January, 2012 - 12:32
OMG I LOVE IT YOU LOOK AMAZING! so much like ghoulia!

Crazedteensie posted on 14 January, 2012 - 15:47
Aaah you look so fabulous! :D

Mungojerrie posted on 15 January, 2012 - 07:42
Ahhhh Ruth I am so glad this has turned out so well <3 You look incredible.

OllyKage posted on 13 February, 2012 - 20:53
RANDOM COMMENT TIME! RUTHIE!!!! You changed your name!?!?! :O I'm going to be working on a new suit - WAR MACHINE! from Iron man XD Gunna take me FOREVER! But thinking about starting small and doing the cartoon war machine first, just to be really simple, learn from it and expand onto a harder war machine costume. Still planning Hercules too (Thank you for keeping that leather :D ) Hope your well XXXXX

purplecat95 posted on 16 February, 2012 - 21:14
OHMYGOSH THIS IS PERFECT!!! I really hope I see you on Saturday, this is beyond perfect! XD

PandoraCaitiff posted on 6 November, 2012 - 14:41
BRAINS! Err, I mean YAY! That's a fab costume. Great choice of character, and I'm really impressed witht he details - you even got the zipper earrings :D

Starbucks dad posted on 23 January, 2013 - 20:40
oh wow, can't believe it's taken me so long to notice this. Super job.

FreyaMint posted on 4 March, 2013 - 10:51
Oh my Gosh. This looks fantastic! You make a great Ghoulia. :)I gotta say- lovin' those boots :)

cowiee posted on 10 March, 2013 - 16:26
omg this is amazing! o:

FlyingMammal posted on 11 March, 2013 - 12:50
WOW thank you everyone :)

Manga Girl posted on 24 March, 2013 - 13:04
I love this!! :D

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Progress Journal

13th February 2016

not so sercet

Because of no income but the ned to costume, I am taking apart other costumes and evolving them into a Ghoulia outfit. I am using fabric left overs and other materials I already have.except the shoes, i hadto order some to edit for quickness. Looking forward to finally doing this outfit, was another I began a few years back and didn't complete.

27th October 2014

WLFCC and MCM OCtober

After the nightmare of LFCC in the summer.. wonder if the Monster High group shots are around anywhere... a friend said he was doing SloMo to October MCM so I decided to bring along Ghoulia.

Lots of alterations made before the event (again) and now I'm broken the belt and lost one of the bits off the boots and all the glasses are ruined. Sooo time to remake her standard again. Though, that's on a big HOLD because I have begun another Monster. :D (well, two but this new one won't just sit in a box half made)

11th June 2013


exciting stuff happening with Ghoulia.. Not saying what yet ;) hehe

27th April 2013


I got some white paint a few days ago. Started painting white onto the black where the pink spots will go. Then paint with pink. Then use neon green sharpie for the lines. Though on a test piece the green goes a bit darker than I wanted.

24th March 2013

Skultimate progress...

I was on a roll this morning even though i'm still not with it after my op on friday. Made the dress in a flash and then............ dun dun dunnnnnnn..... I didn't think about it when buying the paint, it won't set on top of the black print - doh! Hopfully there is a way around that? I've stopped for now.

10th March 2013

Skultimate bits and bobs

I got fabric and pink paint (I have green) for Skultimate dress.
I'm EXCITED! I can't wait to get new skates, and green neon wheels!!! xD wooohoooooooooooo.

Ordered bright pink net for the arms

14th February 2013

DT Almost done

I did the machine sewing. Most of the other stuff like drawing on lagoona's design done by or how my 8 and 12 year old niece's wanted.

After a very sucessful trip to fabric shop we spent about 10 hours on these.
We were going to do the sleepover as soon as we finished yesteraday but we didn't have chance to finish the slippers. And shhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to be sneaky Auntie and make them 'pet' plushies :D

6th October 2012


it didn't happen in the summer for lots of family reasons. Nowever, we did make a start of Draculaura DT and some more little bits on Ghoulia DT. Soooo I think we will be doing it in December in between me and my niece's birthdays. Gives me time after expo to consentrate on them.

I also did a few teeny things for Dead Fast Ghoulia too. YAY. Slow progress is better than none :D

28th February 2012


guess who's starting the Dead Tired outfit - yes I think that's me. LOL
Sorry, I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, MH sleep over in the summer - yesssss!!!!

Ohhh and finally getting somewhere with the lockers.

NOTE TO SELF try back of front wig over back wig instead.

1st December 2011

teeny bits..

hot glued the stickers to the boots.
hot glued the 'foam buckle' together and placed it into the belt.
hot glues foam 'badge' layers together and a safety pin onto the back.
cut out and hot glue some foam bits onto the rin pulls (earrings) [I don't think they are going to work].

Whats left:

- Paint the earrings and attach a clip.
- Paint belt buckle.
- Bit of paper mache on badge then re-colour it.
- Foam for wig.
- Attach wigs together.
- Paint glasses. (meh I can't get the gems out)

1st December 2011


omgomgomgomgomgogmog, my alice band just arrived!!! It's fantastic!! I love the colour and it's a decent size YAYs!!!
I have EVERYTHING now. So I just need to paint the badge and stick together the buckle I made yesterday.
I made them from foam and a bit of paper mache. Just need to paint them. Wahooooooooooo!!! Sooo, next week Ghoulia is heading to a certain toy shop. Woop! XD Can't wait!!!

Add photos later..

29th November 2011

necklace and cherry top done

So, forget the 7 more cherrys I said about yesertday it was more like 15 more. Do those were all painted today. I then hand sewed the strapes onto the body, then hand sewed another layer of white onto the underside so it's thicker and not see through. This involved a lot of annoying pinning and cutting and re pinning and then trying not to sew through the red - I will do it the correct way round next time! doh! Cut the back of the top and sewed on velcro. Tried a zip but it wouldn't hang properly. NOTE: the back does line up without a lump in the velcro, just I did it up quick without checking. Until I edited the images together.

Also finished the necklace. I had to use a pin, a screwdriver and a cork screw to get a hole in the plectrum! That was one tough bit on plastic. Gawsh! Used hot glue gun to attach the ring bit to the necklace. And sanded down the pink paint on the plectrum. I also touched up the pink paint. I need to dab on some more tomorrow, and I noticed a tiny bit of grey that needs painting again.

Still waiting for my alice band to arrive - hurry up! I want this finished!

28th November 2011


The cherry top so far (see image)
This involved, pinning the red fabric to the white, taking them off, cutting them again, pinning them back on the white, sewing them together, cutting the white fabric, trimming the red with big and then little scissors, sewing up any bits that misstitched :/ and then hoping for the best.

Then made a card stencil (I'd drawn and printed a stencil on to paper other day), then painted using red, green and white Dylon fabric paint onto the white. I have about 7 more cherrys to paint. I gave up with the stencil and draw them free hand. Yeah, 7 ish left, then I will hand sew another white pannal to the back as it's a bit see through (see image) and sew on the straps - as they are just pinned at the moment. I then need to add a zip to the back, which will pull in the middle red strip more than the others.

the cherrys (to me) look better in the image than in person. But my partner says I'm just being paranoid, so I hope they are okays.

22nd November 2011

stripes AGHH

I spent 4-5 hours drawing red stripes onto the top on Sunday. I thought I was going to go nuts. I was glad to be finished. I've set the stripes with an iron and also washed the top. It doesn't look toooo bad, unless you look up close and personal.

today, I totally messed up the trousers. I drew guide lines for where to put the black dots, I work everything out fine.... I completed and set the front.... Then did the back... had a look by holding them up - and AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I somehow after 3 hours of work, managed to put half of the dots on the back in the wrong places. I was cursing myself so much. Still am. So, I set the correct dots and washed it, hoping the unset dots would wash out.. I've washed it, and it's just set it more. It is all on the back, so maybe no one will notice. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! damns! I think I need to make them again anyways as I didn't sew them up correctly in the first place. I'm going to go sulk now.....

EDIT: I cut some templates and my fabric is ready to sew and stick together tomorrow XD for the cherry top. I forgot to say i drew and made sencils for the cherrys a few days ago. Painted the necklace so tomorrow I will drill a hole in the pick and glue it all together. One trouble though, I think I made the slip knot too small :S I made it smaller but didn't think to try it on again after. It's ok if I remember to put it on before the wigs.

i also messed around with some blue tac it turned into the MH girl skull... maybe I'll use that on the belt buckle if it goes hard enough.

I've probably done more, but I can't remember .... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UH

19th November 2011

hobby craft..

trip today was great. got the paints, fabric paints, fabric pens and air dry clay I need to finish ghoulia.
just need to wait for my patner to finish his drink so i can have the ring pulls.

18th November 2011

necklace and earrings progress..

I decided on closer inspection that I will be using ring pulls for the earrings.

I made two necklaces, I couldn't decide which i liked but I think I'm going to use the barbedwire one. They are made from plastic friendship bracelet string - i think they have a proper name but someone gave them me without a packet so .. ohhh scoobydoos? something like that. Also used some beads. I need to paint them grey/silver. Paint I have.

I also sanded the writting off a guitar pick - not as easy as it sounds with my strength. Which I need to now paint.

17th November 2011

if tha boot fits..

sorry Toy Story reference there.

Today I did a quick drawing on the computer in a paint program of the logo on Ghoulia's boots. It's basically a red circle, with the MH skull in a light glowy green with a pink bow on a white background.

I then printed them to the size I wanted onto sticker paper, carefuy cut out and well.. stuck onto the boot. I just hope it holds. I did a walk test and it seemed ok, but I've printed more incase I need to try some different glue on the back.

Would a small amount of hot glue burn or eat stick paper? It's very thin.

EDIT: bought an alice badn from ebay, hoping it's not going to be really small. but I didn't want to miss out incase I cant find anything else.

EDIT: I was going to buy a guitar pick with the necklace. But can't find a colour I like.. So I thought I could paint some old ones I have (that aren't broken or chewed) but they are bass ones, too thick and I don't really want to straighten the thumb dents. A few minutes ago, I sudden thought, I found an extrememly old grey standard guitar plec down the back of my drawers a while back. YAY he found it. I want to sand off the writting and then i'll paint it (most likely with, you guessed it - Warhammer [citadel] paints) which we already have. Wahoooo! I have some stuff to make the necklace string too so if it works then that's cool.

16th November 2011

the paint.. worked :D Or at least, it seems to have.. for now.. not sure it will last but I think it looks ok. There are weird glue parts on the white rubber.. and I didn't notice before but the eyelets on the right shoe are slightly out of line on is randomly closer to another and then the whole lot are out of line. :/ Ok, I wish I'd noticed this before I edited them - majorly!! :( Too late now.

I'm just making the design for the logos on the shoes.

And now I can't decide which Alice band colour to go for... A neon/lime green like the doll, OR a light green like the webisodes? *thinks*

PICTURE of painted heels tomorrow when I'll upload the finished boots. YAY.

15th November 2011

few bits..

Today I tested out my overlocker. I was given it a few months back but only just got chance to test it out properly.
ghoulia's boots have white tongues so instead of painting them - I sewed on some white polydrill that I found in my scraps. I've only done one tongue as the overlocker is harder to use than I thought. It's crazily difficult to thread properly, and if you do one bit wrong - nooooo, it actually cut through the tongue. I managed to hide it thank goodness. But it did involve a lot of janking the machine. I overlocked the outside of the white, but because the boot is there I couldn't get right down. So I hotglued the bits I couldn't sew. I made the white join the rubber toes.
Also on the shoes, I have re-aced the laces (is that english? lol) and I like how they are now.. Might change them again.
I don't know what to paint the heel with.. Been pondering over it. Ideas?
I then need to make the logos to go in the ankles.. I'm not sure how I want to do them.. transfer aper won't work because I won't be able to iron it. Sticker paper? Maybe... *thinks* These things are easy but difficult... it's annoying me.

I sewed in the black straps onto the trousers. I left them loose so when I move they move with my leg not crinkle up the trousers.

I did some more to the stripey top. I sewed and cut it into a swimsuit type ermm.. there is a name.. leotard. that's the one.

12th November 2011

Couldn't resist..

I made the trousers a couple of days ago, but I messed them up a bit. I had a certain amount of this red fabric so I drew out my patterns and thought I could JUST manage to fit it all on the fabric. I really didn't have enough, but I cut them out anyways and hoped I could hide the fact a large chunk was missing from one of the pannels. I wanted to do them in two pannels but instead it's four. Because some was missing, I had to pull in the right front panel which makes it all baggy in one place. So I tried to adjust them and it's not too bad - not great but.. i'm hoping no one will notice. However, I did make the fake zip which pulls it in more - not a good thing.

I need to add on the black strips which are ready to add on.
I don't know if I wwrote this last entry but my fabric pens had all dried up, they looked all manky. So I can't do any of the dots or lines on the top.

Talking of tops.. I can't find any decent Cherry Fabric. Especially not enough for her Dead Tired outfit as well. So, I'm going to be a bit nuts and i'm going to hand draw or paint them on. That way I can just get some white fabric.. Infact I might have some in my boxes. I need luck with that one... I might change my mind when it comes to the Pjs!!

So anyways, I decided to put on everything I have so far. You can't see the boots in the photo and I put some purple fabric where the headband will be. You can sort of see what I will do with the two wigs.

9th November 2011


I chopped and hot glued (thanks T for advice) then used a marker pen (or two) to colour around the edges of the whole belt, fill in gaps on the black lines and black keys... I have decided to wear the belt higher on my body so I need to chop off a few more keys and then glue it again. I don't want to mess it up :( so I'm waiting until everything else is finished then I will decide if I need to adjust it or not.

8th November 2011

Damn and ready to sew..

Damn, the red fabric I had isn't quite enough so I'm having to cut the fabric very tightly. I'll work something out as I sew it.

Damn, the fabric pens have all dried up o.O so I need to buy Black, Red and Green ones.

The trousers are ready to sew. With leathery strapes.
The shirt is pinned and cut ready to re-sew.
The Belt is all cut and ready to glue back together. Any ideas what glue is best to glue leather type together? I think i'll go with super glue.

Also cut out one part of one coffin locker... Ermm.. These are going to take more effort than I thought. I cut out the first front and it was totally the wrong shape :/ It looked fine when I drew it. Oh well, fixed now. I think I know how to do them now too.. See what I can do tomorrow.

6th November 2011

Eye makeup

Zoe let me know in the lastest webisode ghoulia takes off her glasses. She did this in others but not very clearly. EEEEEEEEEEEp, its different browns. I did a test with liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pen, and two brown eye shadows - one of which i did lighter. There are 3 browns in total. I need more and the image is on my webcam.. but it's just so I remember now it goes. Bad image is bad, so don't take too much notice if you look.

5th November 2011

shirt and dolls...

I saw MH dolls in sainsbury 2 for £20 (all toys were in the offer) but the boxes had a lot of damage to the corners and they only had Spectra, Frankie, Hyde and Cloe. The dude in the shop was very helpful but sadly they didn't have any in back stock. :(

However, I got a black and white stipe top for Ghoulia.... I wasn't going to get it as I really don't have £7 to spend, but it was the only one on the rails and Shaun said he'd buy it for me... Soooo, I got it and then it turned out to be £5 instead so that was quite good. :) It needs some bits cut off, taken in and I'm making it like a swimsuit shape like the dolls. and the arms shortend.. .. oh and I think I'll use a fabric pen instead of paint for the red stripes... I will test the pen on the bits I cut off. etc etc etc...

I've got a mini Fireworks/Halloween get together tonight with some family, I was going to put on everything I have for Ghoulia so far... but I think I'd be disappointed as nothing's edited.

4th November 2011


I had to rumage in my suitcases for my wigcap, and I did a quick put on. The first photo is just one wig, the middle photo in the back and the third photo is with another wig on the back.
I hope to attach the second wig to the headband so it makes the back more volume than the front if that makes sense... I may move some of the layers around so the colours are more in streaks.. but I'm not sure I have the guts to do it. We will see...

For now, I have to rush off to the hospital, I'm tempted to wear one there as they are sooo pretty.

27th October 2011


omgomgomgomgomgomgg the shoes arrived. my neice laced them up for me. and I taught them the firght song dance.
i'll take photos after the weekend. must get on with packing.. eek!!

EDIT: Photo of boots how they came out of the box. My niece did lace one up for me, but I think I want round laces. These are flat and look too bulky In my opinion. They need work, I don't think I can cut the toes off :'( IDEAS needed!!!!!

26th October 2011

Nothing special..

but my arm warmers arrived. They are nice and long and were a bargin...

20th October 2011


This was on 19th but CI put it before the second post.. weirddd)
AGHHHHHHHHHHH Stupidly.. without thinking, I started to make the spikey bits on the glasses... out of clay.... erm... yeah.. i did it, and liked it... then... well.. ermm... do i admit this... I realised I used oven bake clay!!!!
I'm going to paint and cover it in pva glue, hoping the pva will go hard and stick it... ok i know it won't work.. but i'm trying as I like how they turned out.

EDIT: I ordered fish net arm warmers. someone beat me to buying a black and white top i could have used - damn, it's was a decent one too.

19th October 2011

Buyings and Arrived...

Belt and Glasses arrived this morning. I have some ideas for the glasses. Both of which need lots of editing. Hopfully edit them asap.

Then, last night about 11pm.. after a few days of searching for as many searches and searching on as many websites I could think of.. I asked Mungojerrie to help me look. As soon asI asked her, I randomly clicked on an image on google and up came an ebay page. .. WAHOOOO these boots are almost perfect, except for a pointed toe - I will be getting my hack saw onto that ;) if I can. I hope I haven't rushed into getting them, but I didn't want them to sell out. They were quite a lot and form Tiwan.. So I just really hope they don't get caught up in customs......

I also, this morning bought two wigs from China. They aren't as long as I wanted, but instead of getting some to reroot I thought these two would be easier to put together for volume. They may end up being a bit thicker than I thought. We'll see....

Now I just have to wait...............................

BELT: NOOOOOOOOOOO, the belt and buckle won't line up like I need. Damn you body shape LOL.. I'll just improvise. Won't be as accurate as I wanted.. But we'll see. Ohhhhh actually I could take off the whole buckle area.... I need a buckle from one of those ones I use on Team Magma.. I'll look in a bit..

18th October 2011


FACE PAINT: went to the fancy dress shop, and got some light grey facepaint. It's by grimas?? Not sure. Anyways, I did a test to see what the colour would be like on my skin.. In natural light it looks a nice grey, but when I tried to take photos and went into bright light it looked very white.... I'm going to try a couple of things, mixing it with colours I already have. I really don't want to buy any more. Add photo in a bit.

Photo - reference for me really... On left is 4 layers .. then on the right and the close up in the middle are how I got it after applying it a differnt way and 6 layers....

GLASSES: I have just purchased some 1950s fancy dress ones, which i'm going to chop up, edit, green stuff/fimo/ paint ect... You'll have to wait and see... As always I just hope it works how I think ..

17th October 2011


I was a bit dumb, the fancy dress shop isn't open on Mondays. I will go tomorrow :D I hope they have the glasses I want to get to edit. If not I can get them on ebay.
I did go to my local fabric shop to get some fleece for other projects. I bought two zipper pulls.. I'm not sure if they are big enough really but I couldn't resist as they were 10p each. I can always use some green stuff to make it bigger. And the right shape... Unless I see some others for cheap. Need to be painted pink when I decide what to do with them.

I have a few projects I need to do by next week, so today I mainly worked on those, and drawing out templates for the locker coffins and dancing to the MH fright song :D ... CANT NOT WAIT!!! I will say this a million times!!

16th October 2011


BELT: *thinks* There are piano/keyboard bets around that I could adapt.. But then I was thinking to make it more accurate (right amount of keys ect) I could get a white belt and sharpie the deatil on... BUT it looks like they are about the same price. I'll have a look in primark or charity shops. Just no idea when I'll get to any.....

SKIN: Was going to order some body paints but I think I'll go and support my local fancy dress shop tomorrow morning (I WILL MAKE MYSELF!!!!) that way I can see the real colours rather than relying on a photograph. Wahooooooooo!!! SO DAMN EXCITED!!!!! Almost as much as You Are a Toy cosplay group!!!

CHERRYS: Found some amazingly perfect fabric online for part of the top butttt, after some emailage - they only have bits left in pink not white!!! MEH! I have a plan, I think.....

EDIT: Purchased a belt... oops ;) will take 5 - 7 days to get here :O hurrrryyyy I might make the buckle tomorrow. We'll see.

16th October 2011



Sorrrrry, But I can't. I've been planning all day (actually for about a month), with messages to Zoe, and making lists and searching for items.. I have a few bits I think but I can't get to my boxes.

Making some props for the 'group'!! something pretty Clawsome ;) Except progress images tomorrow :D