Gunji - Togainu no Chi




Also worn at MCM Telford 2011.

My friend asked if I'd be interested in playing the Gunji to their Kiriwar. I find the pairing very funny, and I thought it could be a good one - except for one thing. I'm a girl, and Gunji never wears a shirt. I honestly didn't think it would look right with the hoodie done up, and I couldn't see how I could bind myself properly if the bandages were on show. But I mellowed over it after seeing a lot of pictures of warrior characters with their chests bound for reasons I don't entirely understand. I figured it could be something like that, or Gunji might have been injured. Guy's not exactly on the same mental plane as everyone else, you know?

The hoodie came from eBay, from America. It's a cheap no-name brand thing, but I like the texture. I hate it when cosplay comes out looking too flat. I lopped the arms off near the elbow, and re-attached the cuffs, taking it in a bit as I sewed. The wide belt is also from eBay, and the narrow one is borrowed from my Kiriwar, who also picked up the dog tags as a gratuity from her workplace, which sells party goods. (That's right, my Kiriwar's also a girl. Good, isn't she?)

The trousers are my old job interview ones. The wig is a fancy Chinese one, which cost about a tenner.

The weirdest thing about Gunji's costume is that he doesn't appear to be able to tie his shoelaces. I found this out when I decided I couldn't afford boots for this one. I thought I'd borrow my Kiriwar's daps and make a pair of boot covers out of the other half of the trousers that my Spirit tie came from - but when I found a proper reference for his feet, I realised he was also wearing boot covers, so I made them as close to on-model as I could. I ran them up out of the legs of the trousers, and trimmed them with white felt I had lying around. There's a couple of little hook-and-eye clasps on each one holding them together, and elastic bands under the laces to keep them up. The borrowed shoes made my feet look a little manlier, I think.

The claws were a bit last-minute. I tried to make them out of balsa wood, but they wouldn't work - the curved point would always fall off, because the wood was too fragile. In the end I made them out of card, masking tape, and jiffy bags, the night before the con started. Thanks to my Kiriwar for telling me off for being a spaz about it, and then passing out on my sofa in front of Eureka Seven. I couldn't have done it without you~

Kiriwar did the tattoos with face paint before we left the hotel that morning. (For MCM, my friend Lizzie did her best on the train that day.) The bandages made it a little difficut to breathe, but they weren't too bad. I'd definitely bind this way again, especially since I can't afford a binder.


Kyuipo posted on 14 October, 2011 - 17:20
whoa. awsome Gunji XD

Pippin4242 posted on 14 October, 2011 - 17:31
Haha! Thanks very much. I was so not sure whether I could go around without a shirt all day, but I guess Gunji's attitude (problem) helped matters. :P

Kyuipo posted on 14 October, 2011 - 17:50
LOL. yeah binding hurts -__-