Celes Chere - Final Fantasy VI


I love FF6 - it was the first Final Fantasy game I played, and it truly got me hooked. When it came to cosplaying from it, neither the in-game sprite versions or Amano concept designs appeal to me, so I settled on the cg version of Celes. I first made this for AyaCon 2005 by adapting a suit I found in a charity shop. When madmazda86 suggested a FF6 group for MinamiCon 2014, I jumped at the chance to revisit this costume and aim for more accuracy.

I ended up with stretchy jersey fabric since it was exactly the colour I was after and I thought stretchy fabric could be useful, particularly for the leggings. It then proved to be a nuisance in other respects, but fabric choices are often a matter of compromise. I also chose a stretchy purple fabric for the top and jacket lining. I did have to double-up the beige jersey, but that was fine since I settled on piping for the brown trim so having a lining was ideal.

I copied a pair of leggings I own to make the trousers, inserted piping into the side seam, lined them and inserted the grommets. The lacing cord is leather. It wasn't too easy to plan out the cutouts and decide how the waistband would work - I ended up fiddling it so it laces up at the back. Although the fabric's stretchy enough to pull the leggings on and off, the non-stretch piping at the waist negated that, and I also found it was best to have a non-stretch, interfaced waistband for a neater finish and to support the weight of that dome at the centre front. I cast the dome from clear resin, mixing dye to get it to a fairly purple shade and also painting the back with purple nail polish. It has leather cord glued on and was outlined in piping before I glued it to the waistband. There are also a couple of brass studs inserted at the front.

The sleeves are essentially simple tubes constructed the same way as the leggings. The designs on both the jacket and sleeves are couched. I drew out the designs on to Solvy and basted it on so that worked as my stabilizer as well as a way to transfer the design to the fabric. It wasn't ideal on stretch fabric, but I like the results. In hindsight, fusing the jersey to a non-stretch fabric would have made the embroidery and entire jacket construction much easier, but I couldn't have done that for the sleeves, since they have to retain their stretch, so it's probably best that the appearance of the couching is consistently wobbly across the costume.

The jacket was drafted with a quick mock-up which became my interlining - I basted the outer shell to the non-stretch mock-up pieces which made it much easier to work with, particularly for applying the piping, and also ensured the purple lining fabric wouldn't show through. The armscyes are finished by hand as that proved easiest for me to get my head around for turning the lining.

I decided to make the purple top a leotard to ensure it wouldn't shift or bunch up since I was using stretchy fabric. I also included shoulder straps to keep it in place and because they wouldn't be seen. I copied a swimsuit for the pattern and quickly overlocked it together, finishing the neckline with piping.

I found cream boots on ebay and added all the gold using Krylon gold leafing pens leftover from my Margaery dress. I flexes quite well with the boot leather. I also painted bias tape gold for making the piping on the cuffs. The cuffs are made from white fabric which I managed to paint to about the same shade of cream as the boots. They’re partially glued on and then have one side fastening with velcro to still allow for the side zips on the boots to function.

I bought a necklace and earrings from Primark to dismantle (cheaper than buying actual jewellery components) supplemented with other beads I bought and some I painted with nail polish. These were assembled together for the earrings and bracelet. The necklace pendant was cast at the same time as the one on the leggings waistband and I painted a button gold to use as its setting. I also played about with spare beads and wire to make a matching hairclip.

The wig is the Le Tigre from Arda in pale blonde. I put in the waves by braiding it and using a hairdryer, cut and styled the short wispy pieces around the face and pulled it into a half ponytail. I decided against cutting it shorter since I like it too much (and her hair is pictured longer in some artwork)

I’d like to make a sword for the costume in future, maybe for Auchinawa which is local enough for me not to run into as many problems transporting it.

White Leviathan posted on 26 February, 2008 - 18:43
Wow finally a Celes! This game seems to be getting quite a cult following... love the costume really nice as always!

LekLek posted on 3 October, 2009 - 09:10
lovely costume sweets

Mungojerrie posted on 21 March, 2014 - 23:30
Love this!

TheStarlightFairy posted on 21 March, 2014 - 23:35
Gorgeous <3

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