GLaDOS (Humanised) - Portal 2




GLaDOS, Wheatley, Chell, Fact Core, Adventure Core, Space Core, Anger Core, a portal, defective turret, Atlas, P-Body, Companion Cube, and the cake.

*Wig: Silver. Styled by an old friend, unsure of origin.


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Progress Journal

31st October 2012


Was very popular in the queue! It seems cosplayers are rather like moths, and are drawn to cosplays that light up! ;v;
My heels on my boots destroyed my feet, but I got to take them off a bit and wander around in some Converse I'd packed and no-one judged me after I explained how painful my shoes were c: and we spent a lot of time sitting down.
We're planning to cosplay this again at the London Film and Comic Con next year! :3

22nd October 2012

It was not enough

Ran out of bias binding right before the sleeves were done.
Got three more metres now. This is ridiculous.
Also added a transfer print of the Aperture logo to the front of the coat. The back will have a much larger one, too.

10th October 2012

Zip, binding, contacts.

Managed to get yellow coloured contact lenses from the local party shop. So happy about that.

Also got a zip for the coat, along with five metres of bias binding. That should be enough. :I

7th October 2012

Main coat sewn together

Finished doing the main body of the coat. I'm waiting on a lift for my parents into town, but there I am going to get a black zip, and like, several hundred metres of black bias binding [can't be too careful ah]. Also I need to get some transfer paper so I can make the shoulder panels for her ;w;

5th September 2012

Main coat cut out

Uwehhh, I made the pattern for the coat [missing sleeves] and cut out the front and back of the coat.
I've got the entire day off tomorrow, I'm gonna sew it together and maybe walk to town to buy some transfer paper for shoulder panels and the front of the coat.

Also I need a load of black bias binding for the edges of the coat. I'll ask for a lift to the fabric shop [or walk it... or go by bike. I'm missing a travelcard at the moment...]

21st August 2012

Finally Done Designs

Look I only just sort of sketched these out because I'm very lazy. ;~;
But now I've got more of an idea of what I'm doing, which is a relief.