Gryffindor Student - Harry Potter




Edit Feb 2015: Decided to overhaul this completely and turn it into a Hermione Granger cosplay! You can find it under a new listing.

Edit Nov 2014: I want to redo this cosplay to make it more accurate. I'll be making my own robes this time!

After years of saying I was in Ravenclaw, the Pottermore Sorting Hat put me in Gryffindor. So I'm just going to change my Ravenclaw cosplay into a Gryffindor one by getting a new tie and scarf ;P I'll have to see what to do about the robes. Haven't decided yet if I'll just change the patch or get new ones.


TheGyroCaptain posted on 3 January, 2012 - 18:47
Cool I've got a Remus Lupin cosplay :D Yay for being in Gryffindor on Pottermore :3

WhatsersCosplay posted on 11 January, 2012 - 22:29
Awesome! :D

Captain_Marvelous posted on 18 May, 2012 - 14:27
Love it! im a james and harry cosplayer myself! you should get a wig and do Hermoinie :)

rosieroo posted on 1 November, 2014 - 21:50
go go Gryffindor woooo . will be awesome when its done

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