The Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)


Slightly hampered by being broke as hell. It might not look it, but this was a budget costume for me. My Grell bought me the wig, as well as the mala beads, which accounted for nearly half the price of the cosplay. I already had the coat from a few years back (£50, H&M).
The hat was an old one of mine, to which I sewed an old petticoat. I trimmed it with some spare black velveteen, an old choker, and a different choker from a charity shop for the gather at the back.
The boots were £10 at Barnardos, where I had a staff discount. They were so tight that I couldn't wear trousers with them, so I just wore tights and hoped for the best. They were very hard, but not entirely uncomfortable. Really, the most difficult thing was the heat of the coat, and the fact that I couldn't see a damned thing.
The shirt used to belong to my little brother - it was a school shirt that we tried to dye black for a funeral. I rather like the warm grey/brown that it actually went.
I found the ring on a costume jewelry and trinket stall in Bath's covered market for £2. I used latex for the scars - I already had a bottle. I either already had the tie or bought it in another charity shop for the occasion - I think the latter.
Every time I look back at the photos, I feel I should have cut the fringe. But every time I look at screenshots of the Undertaker, I realise you can hardly see his face anyway.

Also worn for the Aberystwyth Anime Society's 2010 Cosplay Social.

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