Ono Yusuke - Antique Bakery


It's the Minamicon Antique Bakery group! This was my first proper con - aaah, memories~
I guess you could call my costume the work/life balance variant. I thought it was more fun if I wasn't wearing a proper uniform - so I've got pink shoes and tight leather trousers.
The chef's coat was a bastard to sort out. It's so hard to find a double-breasted one! I had to redo all the buttons. It was such a nuisance, but I think they looked okay in the end. The apron was rubbish, though. I ran out of time!
So the fancy shirt I was wearing underneath, and the leather trousers - they were from Barnardos. The chef's jacket is from eBay; the glasses were from my local pound shop. I made the apron, and the hair is my own. I had it cut for this - more than a foot off in one go!
I wish one or two people had recognised the costume when I wore it, but it felt really great to represent a manga-ka whose work is really dear to me.

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