Alexander Anderson - Hellsing


Minamicon 14 (2008)

Minamicon 14 "Services to family planning award", London expo May 2008 "Best performance"




We decided to do this costume.. one week before minami.

We decided that we needed a skit, so one chinease later we thought up the Sperm of Hellsing skit, which is proudly on youtube.

The coat is made of a suiting material, made from scratch in 2 days. It's lined, and is VERY heavy.

The swords are just the metal bits from paint rollers, some dowel and lots of layers of mountboard.

The gloves have transfers on them, and have the EXACT text/symbol on them as from the Anime. One of them went pink though because we washed it with Seras...

The glasses are just a cheap pair of reading glasses that we popped the lenses out of and reshaped.

Matt hates this costume because he thinks he will be arrested in it one day. He also hates that he has to dance like a poof in it and like little boys. Well, ones that aren't Tab.



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