Pazuzu - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest


London MCM Expo October 2006

1st place Anime/Manga and Videogames catagory. London MCM Expo 2006




FFMQ has been my favourite Final Fantasy since I was 6/7 and when the Snes was the newest console around.

It appealed to me because the 16-bit graphics have always been my favourite, plus it was an RPG so it was easier to play. Also the choice of being able to continue from the battle you lost when you die instead of having to keep reloading made it more interesting. The soundtrack is one of my favourites as well even if they are only midis.

I chose to do Pazuzu because he was the greatest boss from the game and definately the most interesting.

The entire costume is made from wool so it was extremely hot to wear, not to mention the legs had foam padding to give the correct shape. The wings actually move aswell, it took a long time to find a design that would allow that to work.

I am extremely pleased with this costume and it always will be my favourite.


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