Naoto Shirogane (Winter Uniform) - Persona 4




Fixing up and rewearing to London Expo October. Jacket needs some serious fixing up and I want to make a plush Sukuna-Hikona.

Debuted at Hyper Japan Spring 2012. Not many people actually recognized who I was but then again quite a lot of people were only really there for the food but still I had fun. Also entered the Cosparade with my friend. I have to admit I was really NOT happy with being sent out first but there's nothing I can really do about that. Though I was blooming nervous though I have to admit we're all probably nervous at first but seeing some of the awesome photographs made it worth it (and apologies if I scared people. I'm pretty good at that sort of thing -_-;) . Other than that it was fun to do apart from some of the stitches coming undone...and having to resew them every so often. Going to have to think of a way to reinforce them before Minamicon.

All I can say is hand embroidering is a bit of a chore but worth it. All those little stitches...such small scale. Worth it in the end. There's a couple of things I have missed out (one of the badges because I have been unable to find it anywhere and the little chain thing) but I think I've got near about everything else. Though people kept trying to read the kanji I embroidered. That was pretty cool (and it was on such a small scale as well! I sketched out each stroke at first and assembled it that way) I was also able to get one of the badges (but I couldn't find the other. Seriously finding it hard to find the other but for the I badge luckily I was able to find it on Ebay)

Making trousers was actually a bit easier than making the jacket (all i can say on that matter was the sodding lining was a pain in the neck!) but Burda patterns are so simple to use and they're darn comfy. Though having to keep sitting down to restitch the embroidery is a bit of a pain. Though there's some other bits that do need fixing up. Though the chain thing was actually some improvisation on my part-it's actually my camera cord. Go improvisation go!

I actually made the hat first and finished it last. For the hat I actually used a tutorial ( and the belt I made out of leather which i then dyed and painted the details on with leather paint and white out (because I did buy some white leather paint but it was mostly transparent. Thank goodness I kept some opaque white ink on me)

Shoes were bought from an*tai*na on Taobao and they're nice though they needed some paint to knock back the shininess. Though even with wearing them in they caused my feet to majorly ache...and probably why I've been aching all over after Hyper Japan though it's probably part of some darn con flu I've got.

Rewearing to Minamicon and Kitacon.


Well it's nice to have a cosplay where I don't have to take my glasses off so often!

Besides I've been playing Persona 4 recently (was going to wait for the anime to air but I wanted to play the game so I went ahead and got that) and Naoto's my favourite of the bunch (it's the hat I swear! And the personality even if my brother says that it reminds him of L) That game is addictive...and fun. Plus it has awesome designs and background music. To be fair, I like all of Naoto's clothes but I think I like the winter uniform look the best.

And I am kind of tall for this cosplay but then again I am not the best person to ask for height accuracy.


NorthamptonGuy posted on 19 March, 2012 - 23:51
There She is, The Boy detective. Definitely a key member of my Minami 2012 enjoyment.

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Progress Journal

13th November 2011


⎈ Wig and MOST of the fabric has been purchased. I still need to get a few bits and there's a few things that I am waiting to get back in stock.
⎈ I've started the hat and all it needs is the peak and the belt (which will need painting but I need money first) Luckily it fits nicely at the moment though it may be a pain to maintain. Self cover buttons are a pain in the neck and it looks pretty decent so far. Especially since I've figured out stupidly simple things I should have known a long time ago.

Well there's a good chance I'm entering Cosparade at Hyper Japan (and I have a Yu entering too hopefully which will hopefully be awesome)