Hizaki (Masquerade/Holy Grail) - Versailles Philharmonic Quintet

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I loved this outfit the second I saw it. <3 I wanted to do a cosplay but was in two minds because it is so elaborate. However after seeing it in real life at the gig I can't not do it now XD I'm no more confident in my ability to do it though ^_^; Its going to take ages and cost a bomb but it'll be totally worth it.

Will be part of a group with LimeGreenJelly as Teru and Judicial-noir as Kamijo. Can't think of anyone I'd rather be doing this with :D


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Progress Journal

2nd March 2012

Fabric hunt continues.....and pattern.

Bought a pattern. It will need quite a bit of tweaking and bits adding but it has all the right basic shapes to it. Hopefully will do a test make of the jacket in some random fabric I have lying around.

Have also still been looking for a nice white brocade fabric to use. I have found a few that mightr be closer enough so now it is just a case of choosing one and having money to buy it ^_^;

18th December 2011

Getting started.

Started hunting down fabrics and trims. The trims are always so hard to find. So far have bought gold lame for the bow linings and the black and white striped chiffon fabrics.