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+Anima is a really lovely manga, if you havent already, I really recommend you check it out :3

As you may have gathered, I love bats :D so I really wanted to cosplay Nana. However, I'm not a girly girl at all and dont own any pink and fluffy clothing. So this is going to be my own version of Nana!
I already have bat wings, I just need to find a nice dress thats girly enough for Nana but not girly enough that I like it.

cosplayinghats posted on 30 April, 2012 - 20:06
This is really neat! Your +Anima mark is especially good c:

19th November 2011

Nemacon Winter Social

I'm going to be going as Nana to the Winter social!!! I know this isnt really a proper con or anything, its just an excuse to cosplay and meet some awesome people! Found a hat on ebay, now to decorate it with flowers :D Also found tights and a pair of nice boots... In other words, its nearly finished! :D

15th October 2011


Found a gorgeous dress in town today, its white and lacey and perfect for Nana! Even better, the shop was having a sale so I got it reduced :D

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