Len Kagamine (Imitation Black) - Vanan'ice




This costume will possibly be before Loveless as I don't know what my money will be like next year... It's a simple looking Black Satin dress with grey accents. I got some shoes/boots that I can use, got the wig on watch and I own socks and suspenders so its really the dress/sleeve and eyepatch to get ready now.

I see a pattern of doing all of Vanan'ice Len's costumes here XD
My costume will be attempted by my friend Ayame as we have swapped for the occassion so we get use to doing other people's measurements :)

Completed my part just waiting on the dress now


Defrain posted on 6 November, 2011 - 21:37
Very sexy for a boy :S

Ayame posted on 18 December, 2011 - 19:14
I see this pattern too XD Yays for Imitation Black <3

CyanideCustard posted on 17 January, 2012 - 15:48
this confuses me but can't wait to see it on a girl XD

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

13th March 2012

Fabric Buying

My friend brought all the black satin in the world yesturday >_< and will be starting my dress as soon as she can, I will be attempting her jacket and trousers as soon as I can once I grab a sample from a store.

I will be making my friend's jacket as well and will be starting her Kaito jacket tomorrow, so a bright and early start for me tomorrow xD

15th January 2012

A step closer

My guitar is now hanging in the garage with a white gloss paint covering on it, dad did spray the guitar string part and the plug in for the lead gold however we are going to spray hammerite gold smooth instead on the metal as the gold dad has sprayed will scratch off the parts.

Will also be getting some gloss black paint to finish the other couple of parts on the guitar, then the neck will be softly sanded and varnished with a darker shade to make it look almost black and the frets will be made Gold... :) Hope this works...

10th January 2012

Another Small Start

Well we've been talking (my group and I) and we've started getting these sorted for Kitacon.
I got an eye on another wig for this costume as its lighter than the usual gold bold Len usually has in the PVs... My friend Ayame and I have swapped costumes and I will be attempting hers and she will be attempting mine.

We've gone for suiting fabrics for hers and for mine acetane satin in black and grey, less expensive than the dutchesse and less shiny but more expensive looking than chinese satin... so a good balance.

Hopefully these won't be tooo bad to do and we should get them done within the next 4 months :)

I dunno if Len has a guitar is this video but I'm getting one sprayed and modified so I can use it for the Vanan'ice costumes...