Cooro - +Anima




A bit of a basic costume. With the exception of the head-piece, which was commisioned, and the yellow over-shirt, which was hand-made, this was another case of being store-bought clothing, modded to cosplay.

The length of the jeans were reduced, then sewn to tidy up. A t-shirt had the arms cut off. A pair of arm-warmers were also cut clightly, to remove fabric covering the fingers.

The longest part of the costume came from making the yellow over-shirt. This was my first major attempt at sewing, and doing something from scratch was tougher then I expected. Got the basic shape, all measured up properly, and managed to make the main body of the piece without too much trouble.
Problem came from trying to make the collar itself. I ended up using some ridgid material to create the shape, before sewing, rewesing, and sewing again, to stick it to the rest of the costume.

My only complaint was the yellow fabric itself. While it looked nice, the material was a little fluffly, and didnt last too long after the expo.


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