Roxas - Kingdom hearts 2





This made its debut back when Tokyotoys were branching out and opening a store in Telford (Also known as when Tokyotoys were good)

This was my first attempt at doing a costume without commisioning someone for the parts. Instead, the basic pieces of the costume were store-bought, and then modified to make the costume.

I took a white denim jacket, sliced most of the arms off before stitching in some black fabric to get the arms as close as accurate. A fabric pen was then used to get the checkered appearance over the back and chest.

I bought 2 pairs of trousers to make Roxas' jeans. A pair of black jeans were used as the base, then a pair of white-cotten trousers were cut at thigh-level, before being cut to the right shape, creating the chaps.
I then used a number of poppers so that the white chaps could be quickly taken on and off with ease, which meant the jeans could be used as normal while traveling, then the chaps could just be popped on when arriving at an event.
(Thought I was being real smart at the time!)


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