amane - Dream C club

Status :In Progress
Worn At :None


Arm sleeves


Stockings with ribbons ^w^

Amane reference



Minos-Chan posted on 2 October, 2011 - 23:38
i love dream c club *A* i want to cosplay from dream c club too xD <3 you will be sooooooooooo cute and awesome <3

Sephirayne posted on 3 October, 2011 - 15:56
This is very cute. Love the progress.

Limegreenjelly posted on 3 October, 2011 - 22:46
Dream C Club is win makes me want to wear Mio again XD Good Luck with the rest of the costume

xHinchen posted on 4 October, 2011 - 13:50
Cute like hell, love the progress ._.<3

LucyBee posted on 4 October, 2011 - 16:11
Ty all ;w; <3

Progress Journal

o3o (Posted 3rd October 2011)

Getting more progress each day ^w^ Already done the bow Underskirt Stockings with bows And The arm sleeves :3 Only need to do the Apron and the dress >w<