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Boa Hancock (Marine Forde Arc) - One Piece

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Progress Journal

4th October 2011

Revised Salome Idea

right, so having tried...and failedT_T ive revised my idea of making a headdress of Salome for my Hacock cosplay, ive changed the idea to actually sewing Salome onto Boa's cloak.
iv'e still not seen this done, so it'll still be indiviual, but having thought about it the headdress would'be turned out a bit heavy, and with sewing Salome onto the cloak, ill be able to get more of him on it! and ergo, be easier for me!XD

1st October 2011

Headdress For Boa Hancock

right...so even though im undecided yet as to which variant of Hancock im doing, i've decided im going to apptempt to make a "headdress" of Salome for boa. seeing as im not going to be able to bring either a real snake with me or make a life size Salome, i though that a headdress would be a cool compromise. which is ergo why ive got the picture of Nel, where her hollow mask is, is the place in which im thinkin of the headdress for Hancock, im going to make a replica of Salome's head, im unsure at the minute to how ill get the blue fluffy thing done? O.o i think this'll really give my Hancock cosplay an edge. so wish me luck!