Kingdom hearts 2 (Original design)

Cosplayer: LadyEmber

Variant: Christmas Town


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Alcon 2011

21st November 2011: New Wig So after the disaster that was my wig at Alcon I bought myself an expensive shiny new wig.... that turned out to be FIRENGINE RED X'D

I kinda dislike it... but it has the Widows Peak on it which is what I really wanted to have in my Axel wig.

Sora and I were desperatly trying to darken the wig the night before Expo..... it was a whole load of experimentation, including paint pens, markers and fake blood to try and darken it (really I'll be more prepared next time)
So I love how the wig is siked, I just hate how huuuuge it is ~ and the colour. But I've got time before I wear it/Axel again to sort it, chop and dye it then style some badass-willnotmove-cutthroughclouds spikes into it

~ Axel out

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Petchy-mon - 1st October 2011

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LadyEmber - 4th October 2011
I adore my boots :D