Trunks (Cell Saga) - Dragon Ball Z




Vegeta needed a partner, so we decided that Matt should be Trunks. Only thing is that Matt and Christian act really gay with each other, which is WRONG (yet... so, so right. Ask the internet.)

Matt had the right hair first time around, so that was just a quick dye job (though not all of it died properly which was GUH). The main thing we wanted to focus on was getting the jacket right. A lot of Trunks’ just use a denim jacket with a patch on the side, but Tab felt that it would be too washed out, so we made one with a cheap poly-cotton (Tab’s favourite!) lined though, because that stuff feels horrible against the skin. The patch was made using felt sewn together, and looked a bit rubbish to be honest. But Tab made the coat with Capsule Corp. buttons on the cuffs, which made everything better.

The shoes were originally made from scratch with a thick woolly material and wadding in the same way as Vegeta’s boots. But then they turned out shit, so we remade them by covering some Primark Ugg boots with cheap lining fabric in a bright orange. But they looked cool and were comfy, so there was a big improvement there.

Vest and trousers we brought (PRIMMMMAAARK), but the belt was made with a cheap poly-cotton and a cardboard box for the buckle. The scabbard harness was made in pretty much the same way.

The sword was made out of mount board, and is far too big. It also looks a bit rubbish, and broke slightly. We painted it with spray paint, which then resisted all other acrylic over the top. Not bad for first try though.


Lurida posted on 3 April, 2009 - 16:08
Ahahahaha Me. ^-^ That was a fun day. x x x