The Arrow ((Commission)) - Card Captor Sakura


2ND Place - MCM Expo Saturday Masquarde, Group Winners - Neo Mag Comp Oct 2011




For Miss Tanya ^^

This outfit is made out of Lycra.

What I am Making;
Body suit


Expo has been and gone and we came runners up on Masquerade! Also we are Group winners to the NEo mag comp!


j_mercuryuk posted on 30 September, 2011 - 11:13
Oh, the arrow was a very cool design. I have much approval and I look forward to seeing this

J-Po posted on 5 October, 2011 - 20:56

rosieroo posted on 5 November, 2011 - 12:15
im soo happy i got to see and take a pic of this ... i was cinderella.. i loved this cosplay group you all loked amazing

Darkiekun posted on 5 November, 2011 - 12:32
Would love to see the photo!

rosieroo posted on 5 November, 2011 - 12:35
well thats good coz i have just added you to my deviant watch on deviantart .. im rosieroox and the pic on my deviantations .. hugs

Progress Journal

4th October 2011


I have Learned that the wig for Arrow has arrived at my house which is darn handy. I will be styling that asap when I return home wensday.
So far the skirt has been shaped but needs attaching to the suit and adding wire to give it a floty over the top effect. Hopefully that will work out well. we have a glove pinned out and just need boots and the arrow prop and its near enough done! ^0^

2nd October 2011

Suit wip

Yesterday me and Koiice started the main body suit for arrow. Made from a beautiful lycra fabric which is the perfect colour. The wig is currently in the post for me to style can't wait for that lol. Progress shots up soon aswell as. Work on the gems and skirt. The main arrow prop will be worked on by Koiice.