Rin - Togainu no Chi




I'm not gonna lie. I LOVE this game.. and the manga.. and even the anime was pretty good.. Rin made it all worth it ;)

I have no idea when I'll actually get to wear this. Maybe next year's May MCM expo? Who knows.. but I HAVE to make it :|
I might even be able to convince a certain someone to be my Shiki or Akira! ^w^ *fingers crossed*


Neverforever posted on 30 September, 2011 - 10:06
Ah Rin is my fave TnC char, good luck with this and cant wait to see pics ^^

chibikimi posted on 9 October, 2011 - 02:27
Aw, thanks!! ^w^

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Progress Journal

1st June 2012


Found a great boot cover tutorial online, so I re-made mine. They look so much better than they did! (TwT) Still a bit loose though...

31st May 2012


Due to.. unfortunate happenings, Rin missed expo :(
Luckily, everything is fine now and he should be making his debut at AmeCon (^^)
Also, here's a photo of the bag I made <33

9th May 2012

15 days to go!!


Rin's coming along fine.
I have started making the bag.
Will hopefully post pictures soon!
He WILL be finished in time for expo!
Though I have to re-think how I'm going to make the boot covers. The leatherette I bought didn't work very well :(

24th January 2012

Shorts and boots!!

FINALLY got my boots through the door and they are ready to be modified!! I need to experiment with boot covers *excited*
ALSO, I've made the shorts longer and more flared out. I would totally go out in these. Just casually. LOVE THEM :|
I post too much in this costume journal...

11th November 2011

Round 2...

Expo blues have really kicked me in the teeth. HARD. So I haven't done as much to this costume as I would have liked to. BUT I have made the shorts longer... only thing is, they may be too long now (-__-')
I will win... eventually...
It's not all bad though, because I did manage to convince that certain someone to be my Akira!!! Yayyy!! Roll on May!!!

23rd October 2011


It arrived a few days ago, and ALREADY I have been abusing it (ignore the sharingan lenses -___-' I got bored).
And a quick update on the shorts - They have been annoying me (being that length), so I am going to be adjusting them soon. Really need to concentrate on getting my other costumes ready for Friday...

11th October 2011

Ready, steady... SEW!!!

I had some spare time on my hands, so I started cutting and sewing on material for Rin's shorts. I've pinned everything into place and they look okay, but maybe they should be longer.. I can't decide :\
I really shouldn't be working on a costume I have planned for next year, when I haven't even finished my planned expo costumes for the end of this month >___<
Bad, Kimi, bad!! But I love this costume so...

9th October 2011


So I'm now making 3 costumes at once, haha!!
I doubt i'll be making most of this from scratch. It's more of a modification job ;)
I have some old black shorts that i'm going to experiment with. I do need to remove the pockets, but hopefully, I will be able to cut out and sew the red material on them. I make it sound easy. Good thing my mother is around to help me out if I screw it up too bad ^w^'
I guess I should start marking the material...

8th October 2011


I went down to my local fabric shop to have a look at tartan material which would be suitable for this costume. The one that was most similar is the one posted with this journal entry. It not exact, but it's the best I can find. Though I have noticed that most Rin cosplays have used a normal tartan pattern and they all look REALLY good :|
Guess I'll just have to try it out ^w^