Princess Hibika (Fem Hibiya) - Durarara!!


Not quite sure when for (some time 2012 due to the fact that there is some MAJOR dressmaking to go on)
To possibly go with Nachtangel's Fem!Delic

I'm going to make this as extravangant as I possibly can, because I HAVE TO. I'll also have my Fem!Delic to perv all over me and beat off potential creepers.

Nachtangel posted on 28 September, 2011 - 21:02
No possibly about it! Fem!Delic (Delica?) Will be at your service Lady Hibiya~

bottom skirt
top tier skirt/ ruffles
back bow
hair bows

Total cost: £0.00

26th February 2012


Okay, so Hibika is going to be one of those cosplay I end up crying into the night about, as when began as something simple, quickly turned into a nightmare. So far the basic bottom skirts have been cut and sewn. Although they ended up being 10 inches too big around the waist. The ruffles around both skirts are causing me nightmares, due to the sheer volume. I original cut and hemmed 10 metres of fabric for the bottom skirt, this wasn't enough, so I have to go back and make more. The top white skirt, I estimate, will take about 25 metres of gold ribbon. Finding somewhere that HAS that amount for a decent price and can ship it quickly is proving to be difficult. The shoes arrived, but they are too small over the top of my foot, so they need some hardcore stretching. So far still to do is the Crown Fur bolero back bow (ran out of material) gloves necklace and get the wig, when the ebay seller gets back to me Seriously this cosplay will be the end of all my cosplays.

29th January 2012

Finally getting started again

This was put on hold until I could get an electric sewing machine, AND I FINALLY HAVE. I really didn't fancy sewing this all on the hand crank machine. I just have to adjust the bottom skirt (it's too long and too narrow, I need to widen it up) and make the top tier. I've managed to find a corset top that works well and i'll be purchasing it nearer the time (as i'm on a massive health kick)

24th November 2011


Princess Hibika is now officially in progress! I managed to stumble upon a GOLD skirt for her today, FOR A FIVER, that will help me cut down the cost of her dramatically! I still have to buy the bodice/corset and the wig, but I've found the wig and I just have to wait for funds to clear to order it (using the same one for Elsa Maria, but without the clip ons)

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