Medic (Normal ) - Team Fortress 2






This cosplay was fun to make due to the medic gun and medic pack. I loved this cosplay epically. it was comfortable and easy to move around in. the cosplay medic coat was tricky to make. I had to remake the coat twice to get it right. the gloves were dish washing gloves I painted. the medic pack was foam I used to shape and painted. the bottle a old bottle of coke just cut and painted.

The medic gun was Pluming Pipe. I glued them together and painted them. the handles are wood. the pants were pants I found at a dollar store.

Easy cosplay to make but loads of fun to wear. I always loved the medic in the VAVlE series and is happy I got to cosplay him. I believe the most expensive part was the medic gun due to it being high quality pipe hahaha


Heorot posted on 17 November, 2013 - 23:06
Love these pics! Great choice of location(s) especially~