Spider-man (Noir) - Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions




This costume was almost compeltely hand made, and marked the first time a commercial pattern was used to make something on one of my costumes =D

The jumper was a bought item, which was dyed multiple times to get it to the shade it is at now (and still needs more dying)

The Cowl/Mask is made from pig leather, sewn together on a machine and wet formed to my head, then dyed and sealed, then decorative stitching was added across the seams.

The goggles are motorcycle goggles from china, with the padding ripped off, and the frame painted black, with a mirror film placed onto the lenses.
A leather strap was then fabricated and attached to the goggles after they were glued and sewn onto the leather cowl (oh, and they're on upside down for a nicer eye shape!)

The Spandex Mask was made by the wonderful Paul Nurse, it's just a basic black spandex mask with eye holes cut out.

The waistcoat is made of a fantastically thin and strong leatherette I found online, the pattern for it was custom drafted, and took a surprisingly little time to make.
It closes via velcro with decorative buttons sewn onto the front.
The spider on the back is made from split leather dyed black and glued on.

The Trousers are made from a black & white fabric bought online and dyed again and again and again to get it darker and darker grey, however it went blue-ish, which does look good due it being spidey, isn't entirely accurate.
We use a commercially available pattern to make them, and that was surprisingly easy!

The Boots and Gloves are both storebought.


Wyrdsister posted on 27 September, 2011 - 00:44
Love this hun, really nice!:)