Jane Porter
Disney's Tarzan

Cosplayer: irkat

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

10th October 2011: skirt finally finished so i finally finished the skirt, geez thats a lot of fabric!
im really quite pleased with it so far what with it being my first proper cosplay.
might re-do some of the polonaise after ive finished up the shirt, im having difficulty getting it to sit just right. ill add in some photos later!

Teacup_Erinyes avatar

Teacup_Erinyes - 10th October 2011
Looking forward to pictures. ^_^

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 13th October 2011
This looks AWESOME so farr!! :D

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 13th October 2011
looking great! ^_^

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 14th October 2011
Oooh I love that skirt! :D Progress is looking awesome!

Teacup_Erinyes avatar

Teacup_Erinyes - 14th October 2011
Shoes look comfy. *does little dance*

irkat avatar

irkat - 17th October 2011
yeah the shoes are squishy comfy! perfect for if im on my feet all day :)

FlyingMammal avatar

FlyingMammal - 6th November 2011
you were awesomes jane, I hope the fire ants didn't bite you :/ but thank you for drawing them. :)