Jak (Light Jak) - Jak 3



Well i'm not 100% sure when i'll get to do light Jak but i have been thinking about how to do him :) especially those big wings O_O

i think once i get started with this one it will be fun to make but afterwards i think it will be safe to say i will hate the colour blue XD

there are some parts of this i will really have to think about like the armour.

if i have time when i do start to make Jak i think i might have ago at making my own Daxter if not my plusie Daxter will most likely make another appearance XD

ideally i want to have him done for next year but with me at the moment busy with other costume making i can't really start anything for myself. *sigh*

but if i do, do him (ha i said do do) i hope i'm happy with the end result :)

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Make Goggles (again O_O)
Make outfit
Make armour (shoulder, feet and arms)
Make wings
Buy wig and wefts
Buy contacts
Buy body paint
Get ears

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