Yuri Lowell (Knight Uniform) - Tales Of Vesperia First Strike

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27th August 2011


This is actually the second time around making the keyhole shaped cape. The first one went through an accident because I failed to keep it safe.

The cape is going to be 4 layers. So far it only has three. The last part would be the white detail which is going to be synthetic white leather.

For now it consists of 3 layers:
-Blue Synthetic Suede
-Heavy Interfacing
-Dark Wine Red cotton lining

The whole thing is finished with black single bias tape. It was supposed to be double but I bought the wrong kind. It gave me all sorts of headaches.

Drafting the pattern from reference pictures took me a good 4 hours. The first time around, attaching the three first layers (cutting and sewing) took about 2 hours and finally cutting the white leather perfectly (balanced) took a good four hours. I took 2 nights to do that.

Hopefully this time around would be much faster since I sort of know how to do it.