Telemachus Rhade (On Terazad (Season 5)) - Andromeda

In Progress




Another Rhade cosplay....

After watching the two final episodes of Andromeda, I decided to do this costume for Kita 4 instead of his Seefra one.
I much prefer this one, as it is a much more military outfit, and Rhade is much more the character I liked when wearing it, since he has returned Home, and been reunited with his family. (he's on a bit of a downer for most of his time on Seefra)

Will hopefully be making this myself, with any luck out of Leather...

EDIT 25-03-12 - Unfortunatly, due to alot of things going on outside of my control, I won't be able to have this finished for Kita4....I will hopefully have it done for October Expo though

EDIT 26-03-15 - This is now pretty much complete. I had the top built for me late last year, so I've just got to build (or more like re-build) my boneblades. Mostly there with them, and will hopefully have everything done for London Expo in May :)


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