Harley Quinn - Batman: The Animated Series




So looking back, I could have chosen something easier for my first cosplay. Yet there's something I love about Harley Quinn that I couldn't resist trying this.
I got a pattern to modify from my local craft shop and I found both the red and black lycra for about £30 for 3 metres of both (I only used 2 metres but I didn't know if I'd need to redo some parts)

I started with the biggest task - the catsuit. Working from the bottom, I got the legs to the waist area done then added the top part and finally the sleeves. After all the adjustments, I added the diamonds on by hand as the machine was making it more difficult.
The shoes were made from covering a pair of pumps.
The gloves were simple - I drew round my hand and sewed the lines together.
The head piece was the most difficult. Adding the parts so they stick out even to each other was the hardest part of the entire costume.
I got a metre of white fabric for less than £5 and was able to get the neck piece and the cuffs out of that. These were slightly rushed because I was unable to find the fabric until I only had 2 days to do it.
I got the white face paint from ebay and the mask was felt and was held on with eyelash glue.


Itsonlythefairytale. posted on 18 September, 2011 - 21:10
(Now I feel like a stalker. OTL. n-n ) I'll say again, Your cosplay was great and thankies for letting me take your piccie with your friend and our Joker. :3

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