Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy Advent Children




Surprisingly comfortable, ridiculously expensive. The top and the shorts are made out of pleather (the top took 3 tries, because I'm an idiot), the apron and half-cape are the kind of material used for football shirts (because the fabric shop had a surplus and it sews like a dream - and holds pleats :p), the boots have a ton of white fabric paint on for the designs and ribbons added, and the white top is horribly botched together like a fabric Frankenstein's monster (but it's under the black top so you can't tell :D).

(Also a padded bra as I am not built like Tifa)

I can't really remember why I chose to make this - a test run was at the London October Expo in 2010 and all I remember is sewing at 1 in the morning and going OH GOD WHYYYY because it was 90% made of pleather and clearly I hate myself. I do love Tifa though, which made it worth it :)

The hardest part was actually the black waistcoat-type top. For some reason I could /not/ figure out the pattern to save my life, and ended up with a horrible bulgy misshapen monstrosity for October. It took about four separate patterns and another one gone wrong for me to FINALLY understand what I was doing wrong :l

Pleating the cape on the other hand was a breeze, just time consuming. The shoes were also pretty easy - removed the laces and glue-gunned the hell out of them to make sure they stay closed, sewed ribbons to the top and painted on the lines :D

From this I've learnt: plan carefully when deciding costumes, especially pleather ones, as the cost creeeeeps on you. Pleather is hard to sew (yeah, I hand-sewed the entire thing, I'mc crazy and don't own a machine). Pleats are awesome. Wearing all black in May is a bad idea. I should take a little more time to research character personalities and poses before jumping in (wish I could have pulled some fighting poses but I am neither flexible nor energetic enough)

You get a sense of power out of being Tifa though :D Helps that I was Team Mom for the day too :p This is one of my absolute favourites, going to retire it for a little while and maybe drag it out if I can persuade someone to be Cloud/Loz for an expo in the future :)


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