Shiemi Moriyama
Ao no exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Cosplayer: Ino

Variant: Yukata

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 17th September 2011
I'd love to see this! Shiemi doesn't get enough love ;A;

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 18th September 2011
SHIEMI! I love her outfit, it's so pretty! Can't wait for this~ X3

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 18th September 2011
I don't know this series or character but this outfit looks so pretty! ^^

Ino avatar

Ino - 19th September 2011
Thank yooooooous~~

@ ToroSonyCat : It is pretty! Unusual for me to pick something like this XD It's a great series! I thought it'd be very generic Shounen Jump fare, and it -is- to an extent ... but the artwork is gorgeous and it's very entertaining! ^^

Saffron avatar

Saffron - 17th January 2012
Aww Shiemi! You'll look really cute >w<

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 24th January 2012
Ah you'll ace this you'll be so adorable <3

Ino avatar

Ino - 28th January 2012
Aw thanks you guys, I hope I look ok as her XDD;;

Leolarua avatar

Leolarua - 28th January 2012
oh those shoes are lovely. i cant wait to see this :)

Saffron avatar

Saffron - 29th January 2012
*gasp* such lovely shoes! *___*

Yuka avatar

Yuka - 8th February 2012
Those shoes are adorable! I can't wait to see the rest of your costume <3

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 28th March 2012
What day of Kitacon are you actually cosplaying her? I should be Shima and it would be great to see the cosplay! 8D

Saffron avatar

Saffron - 18th April 2012
I think I saw you wearing this on Saturday? Soooo cute <3

LemonPanda avatar

LemonPanda - 20th April 2012
saw you at kita!<3 you looked adorable but i didn't get a chance to take a photoo :'] and you did suit her! :]

EvilShadowMaster avatar

EvilShadowMaster - 14th May 2014