Akari Mizunashi (Winter Uniform) - ARIA


AyaCon 2005




Worn at AyaCon 2005!

One of the amazing obscure costumes I did, at the time the manga had been licensed but was only up to volume 2... nevertheless it was a nice costume to do! ARIA is a wonderful, lighthearted, beautiful manga and I love the designs.

All of this besides the ~incredibly complex~ boot covers was made by my mum. The bootcovers were made by me!

I stupidly did the winter version in summer.. mainly because the manga I had wasn't up to the summer arcs haha. Getting references was much easier for the winter one :[


Spirit Of The Stage posted on 11 June, 2008 - 20:12
Lovely! And I wished I was an Aria fan back then than I am now otherwise I'd be fanboying all through the night! Can't wait to see Alice (my fave character) and hopefully with my Akatsuki costume to boot!