Yami Bakura (Abridged/ Season 5) - Yu-Gi-Oh!


Cosplay- hong kong- bought in 2011- delivered (tailor made)
Wig- Hong kong- bought 10/2/12- 'paid' (ryou wig but will spiked up)
Millenium ring- unknown favourited- China/UK- consider offers lower than £60
Gorillaz Chuck taylors- unknown favourited- UK -bought and luv them!!

Shadowolf posted on 6 April, 2012 - 07:14
Your cosplay is looking awesome hun i can't wait to see it ^^.

Gte costume by Xmas
Yami Bakura cosplay Tailored
wig extensions
Millenium Ring
Duel disk (original)

Total cost: £0.00