Alicia Florence (Prima Undine Winter Uniform) - ARIA (/The ANIMATION/The NATURAL/The ORIGINATION)




I did Alicia's summer Undine Uniform a couple of years ago and wanted to do the winter version to complete the collection. It meant I could re-use the hat and the shoes as well as the wig which saved some time but I did have to make a Poncho.
The dress design was different and I even managed to get the zip in the front underneath the stripe like it is the the Anime. It was a lot of fun and once again involved a lot of hand painting and making sure it flowed out correctly but it was worth it.
My friend Chris (Spirit of the Stage) was wonderful enough to lend me President Aria too which made it that little bit extra special as Fyria couldn't get her Akari done in time.
Being a Prima Undine for the say was awesome fun and I hope to wear it again sometime this winter.


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