Medli - Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker

In Progress




Medli is quite simply one of my favourite Legend of Zelda characters. As much as I hated the Earth Temple, having her as a companion character made it a little easier (I hate ReDeads with a passion, no matter what Zelda game it is ;_; )

Her dress is thankfully very simple - I don't do sewing machines, no matter how much I've tried. So I can hand-sew it and add on the designs with either stitching or fabric paint. After all, what did dressmakers do before the invention of the sewing machine? They had to be doing something right for all those wonderful Tudor dresses to stay in one piece.

Although her dress is simple, the joy in this costume will be making the props; her harp, her beak, and (maybe) her wings.


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