Scottish Lolita - Original


The idea came from Auchinawa, as Scotland's first ever anime convention. I was interested in getting into lolita fashion, and since there was to be a formal cosplay ball and EGL teaparty at Auchi, it seemed a good time to make a dress. After spotting lovely fabric, Ashe and I decided to be silly and patriotic and go for a Scottish theme! I made matching dresses for both of us.

The tartan fabric is the main thing, but I also added mini tam o'shanter hats (perhaps better known as see you jimmy hats) and garter flashes for the socks (based on traditional highland dress). As for props, we carried around a Loch Ness monster and Irn-Bru (Scotland's other national drink). We did have other prop ideas, but didn't end up using them. Also, to contribute to stereotype, we did consider wearing our red Himeno wigs, but I really wanted to wear my Bubbles wig with a lolita outfit, and Eilidh had a blonde curly wig too, so we went with those. At Auchinawa 2008 we went with the red wigs though.

I initially based the design on a plaid Metamorphose dress, but I had trouble getting my mock-up to co-operate well with the petticoat, and I just wasn't getting along well with the construction. So I gave up on directly copying the dress, and ended up making a separate bodice with a seam at the waist for a gathered skirt. The straps crossing at the back seemed to work better than plain straps. The lacing at the back was mostly because I couldn't be bothered buying zips, and having another seam at the back would mean more pattern-matching! On that topic, although my sewing book had very helpful diagrams and explanations of how best to cut out patterned fabric and match it, with my patience when it comes to sewing, best I can say is the major lines are ok. I cut the pockets, straps and bows on the diagonal for contrast. The dress was kept fairly plain because I didn't want to go mad with embellishments, especially when using a patterned fabric. The pockets were trimmed with lace to help with contrast, and otherwise there was just lace and ribbon added to the blouse and bloomers. We later added more lace, to the dress hem and socks. For our rewear, we also added waistbands cut on the diagonal, and managed to have matching shoes this time.

Randomly, I really do love my bloomers! I was going to buy plain white fabric, but spotted a gorgeous flowery fabric. It was far too thin to be used alone, and when backed with white fabric, the design didn't show up well. So I used blue fabric to line it, and ended up with faintly blue bloomers with the flowers showing up as a darker blue. They're completely lined, and actually reversible, so I can have blue bloomers if I prefer.

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