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I got dragged into my sister's Sengoku Basara team. Magoichi's first impression on me was that this character is really someone I wouldn't mind cosplaying if someone asked me, albeit being a little too skimpy on the clothing.

Done and brought out at Singapore's Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and Singapore's inaugural Cosplay Chess. I don't have many event photos of it but I do have a photo shoot planned for this, so do keep a look out.

It managed to withstand the kicks and runs I had to do on stage, but honestly speaking, I am very disappointed with how this costume looked in the end. So many things went wrong with the fights and I looked really bad. There are also many things missing from this costume that I regret to no end. I managed to finish all the last few details of her costume for my only outdoor shoot of Magoichi, which was a great relief for me. It felt so good to chuck the thigh holsters away after the shoot was over!

The hardest part of this costume is making the gun holster stay on my thigh. I swear never to touch this kind of nefarious designs ever again! Out of all the parts to this costume, that gun holster gave me the most headache, and will definitely be the first thing I chuck out of the window.

The easiest and most unbelievable part of this costume was the wig. Out of sheer luck or coincidence, the wig that I ordered for Magoichi did not need any cutting nor styling; I just finger-combed it into place.

As I wore the costume, I could feel the holster start to drop, the leg guards and chest piece start to slip and I get more and more inclined to hunch over. Have I mentioned that I felt really exposed in this costume? Together with the fact that my friends were constantly harassing my exposed abdomen till no end.

She may be my first strapless character, but perhaps not the last.

Last updated on 19 February 2012


Feena posted on 23 December, 2011 - 09:47
how cool!! I really love this costume and your do the character justice! Keep it up ^.^